Dianne's Peacock Sleeve
Inspired by those crazy birds near
Arcadia's Arboretum.



Coming Soon

Dedication to Bob & Betsy

tribute tattoo dedicated to
Jim's late parents

Tribute Tattoo

I am Jim's Sleeve

a several month excursion
telling the story of Jim's sleeve tattoo



Celtic Woman

Dianne gets a Celtic tattoo.

It puts her to sleep.


When the crypt goes creek...

See the making of Jim's

Haunted Mansion tattoo

I'ts epic -- it's weird


Hero Worship

Captain America

Signing a man's leg?

Comic book legend Stan Lee made a appearance, and signed my tattoo.

Andy Brodsky then tattooed Stan's signature onto my leg.

Relive the festivities

Most people refer to a tattoo on lower back as a “tramp stamp”,
and a lot of people find them sexy, never mind the derogatory label.

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