September 2006 -- I found a good, quality tattoo shop in the Central Valley -- Good Time Charlie's End of the Trail Tattoo in Modesto, CA


My newest tattoo is a tribute to my late parents.

Mom and Dad passed away in 2004, and, while their relationship was...complicated, they were married and loved each other for 46 years.

They were good parents to me, and as an adult, I became good friends with both of them.


I spoke with Martin Robson, an artist at End of the Trail, who totally 'got' what I was going for, and came up with a great sketch of his design.

Dad wore a gray fedora back in the 60s. The pink ribbon around Mom's heart is a tribute to her battle with breast cancer. The oak leaves are a reference to Thousand Oaks, CA where they spent 30+ years living, and a place that I refer to as my hometown.

It's okay that I call them 'Bob' and 'Betsy' too.

It's funny, even at 40+ years old, I used to wear long sleeves when I visited my parents -- didn't want them to freak out at my tattoos.

Now, here they are for posterity on my arm. To become a part of a larger sleeve.

Here's to you, Mom and Dad! Hope you like it.


Good Time Charlie's End of the Trail Tattoo
520 McHenry Avenue
Modesto, CA 95354

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