December 2003

Although Dianne has quite a few tattoos, this is the only one we've put on the site.

After John colored in my hibiscus flowers, Dianne had him tattoo the symbol for 'motherhood.' [right]



Does it hurt?

Not always.

John MacIntyre has such an easy touch that Dianne actually took a little nap while getting her tattoo.




After roughly an hour, the finished symbol.

We found this and other great celtic artwork on The Celtic Lady

According to the site, the symbol for Motherhood denotes

"A heart within a heart - a mother's love encircling her child, giving it guidance, protection and encourage. This design reminds one of the ancient fertility symbols carved by prehistoric people - usually a symbol with large breast and a swollen belly."

Also on Celtic Lady "Add a dot around the outside or inside the Celtic knotwork for each child. Many designs found in the Book of Kells are enhanced with dot-work."

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The Celtic Lady
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