April 2003

A bit of background. In January 2002, Di and I went to Palm Springs -- to celebrate her 40th birthday. We visited a tattoo shop and both got a smaller scale tattoo.

The shop was nice and clean and really cool. The artist, Skye, did a fine job on it.

But for some reason, it quickly became gnarly, and puss-filled and infected.

When it did finally heal [about seven months later] it left chipping, scarring and an overall uneven look.
So, last week, I went back in the chair to have Andy Brodsky fix it for me. In the process, we decided to add Captain America to the sheild.
I think it's going to be pretty cool.

It's taken from a Captain America comic book cover -- artwork by John Cassaday.

When the color gets added in, I'll post additional pictures here.

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