Before we begin - a quick note

We've added a new section to the site, called 'Meganzu' -- a place where you can catch up with our busy 8-year old, Megan.

She'll be providing drawings, writing, and even some photos -- she tried her hand at taking some pictures during our most recent musum visit.

Might be fun - check it out!

And now, on to the Natural History Museum


February 16, 2003 - Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - Los Angeles, CA

Sitting in the Curators Café, we felt as official as fine wine tasters. Breaking off small sections of the already small 1 oz. Chocolate squares from International Chocolate Company of Salt Lake City, we each savored the bar called Mexico Milk. Our overall results: "Sweet, smooth and very buttery"

Ivory Coast Dark: "Rich, slightly bitter " Ecuador Milk: "Tastes like a really good Hershey's kiss"

Okay, so it didn't exactly involve the sophistication of swirling some 1998 vintage in a glass and determining its tannin, full-bodied aroma, and finish - but tasting chocolate was close.

We had just finished visiting the all new, Chocolate: The Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, and we were feeling a bit flush with our new found knowledge. Plus, we paid $1.99 for a 1 oz. bar -- that's practically a commodity -- so it should be pretty good chocolate.

The Natural History is hosting this show, after recent exhibits on Baseball and Dogs [see our story] chocolate seems a somewhat natural progression. 'Chocolate' was developed and produced by The Field Museum, Chicago where it played for almost all of 2002. Los Angeles is only its second stop, where it is slated to run from February 16 - May 11, 2003.

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