October 13, 2002 - Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


Here's a series of facts we learned over the weekend.

1. All dogs, wild and domestic, belong to one family - Canidae.
2. One species of wild dog, the gray wolf, gave rise to all domestic dogs.
3. All of the nearly 400 domestic dog breeds belong to a single species Canis familiarus.

We found that to be a fairly daunting notion, and a pretty powerful way to open the first room of the first exhibit of Dogs: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend which premiered today at the Natural History Museum and runs through January 5, 2003. Too bad the rest of this show doesn't hold up to that impressive start.

It is a traveling show sponsored by Pedigree dog food, and will be heading next to San Diego -- then on to cities like Seattle, Chicago, D.C., and Philadelphia among others. Because it's temporary, the whole thing has a certain, "let's roll this thing out of here when we're done" feel to it. Fair enough. It might be the reason that it is not very big. Think more Chihuahua than German Shepard and you'll be fine.

The Museum of Natural History is located in Exposition Park [above] just yards away from the California Science Center. You pay for tickets in the main lobby. [below]

Parking is $6.00. Admission is $8.00 [Adults] and $2.00 for Children 5-12 = $24.00

The Dogs exhibit is past this desk, to the right, and downstairs...

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