This summer, we're heading back to the movies.

Movies that we can all see as a family. Movies that aren't too scary, too violent, or too suggestive for a 11 year old - or for two 40-something parents, for that matter.

We'll go see them, and let you know what we think.

We'll also watch some movies on DVD this summer that we missed in theaters or just haven't seen. We'll share those reviews with you too.


May 12, 2006 - We saw a series of movie previews yesterday that were so gross, I had to let you know.

The preview for 'You, Me and Dupree,' which stars Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson as a couple who take in their bum friend Owen Wilson, has apparently been 'approved for all audiences.' It has? By whom?

In the preview, Hudson walks in on Wilson watching porno movies, Hudson discovers a box of porno movies that belongs to Dillon, Wilson walks in on Hudson and Dillon about to have sex, Wilson goes to the bathroom and comments on how smelly it is, and Hudson walks in on Wilson having sex with a girl.

This is okay for all audiences? Before a fluffy Lindsay Lohan movie called 'Just My Luck.'?

We also saw the preview for 'Click' starring Adam Sandler as a regular guy who finds this remote control device with which he can rewind and fast-forward through action in his real life.

Cute right?

Well, it is until Sandler decides to click into 'slow motion' mode to watch a girl with big breasts jogging by.

Later, Sandler clicks on the 'behind the scenes' part of the remote, goes back in time, and sees his parents in bed 'making him.' Nice.

Am I becoming an old Fuddy Dud? Or have all these comedies and their previews started to move into 'lowest common denominator' terriotory -- where everything has to be in your face, and involve sexual innuendo, bathroom humor [literally], and swearing. It's the 'Something About Mary'-ing of comedies!

It's a trend that I don't care for. Not only do previews show too much of a movie anyway, but because when I go to see a movie that's rated PG-13, I don't expect to be bombarded with content in the movie [or the previews] that's so obvious and stupid that it makes me cringe.

Is PG-13 the new R?. Guess we'll have to be more careful as we continue seeing movies this Summer.

Okay, on with our first review: 'Just My Luck' starring Lindsay Lohan.

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