August 29, 2003 - Palm Springs, CA

This just in: The state of California has once again gone mad.

With current Governor Gray Davis on the ropes, and a recall election getting closer by the day, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former child star Gary Coleman, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, and adult film star, Mary Carey are all making a run for the office. And another 130 people.

Gasoline prices in California are the highest in the nation, our car license fees have recently tripled, and the state itself is in financial free fall, faced with a deficit the size of the San Andreas Fault.

This week, some extremist environmental group known as the Earth Liberation Front [ELF] vandalized a bunch of SUVs and Hummers, and torched several auto dealerships here in the Pasadena area. According to the 'environmentalists' agenda, large SUVs are essentially responsible for destroying the world.

It's just more of the same for us Californians, as we wait for the big one to swallow us up.

Earlier this month, we threw caution to the wind, jumped into our expensive-to-license Ford Explorer, filled it up with $2.09 per gallon liquid gold, and left the 105° of Pasadena for the 105° of Palm Springs.

At first blush, it may seem like an odd place to vacation, especially with an 8-year old, but actually it was quite enjoyable. A short 90-minute drive from Pasadena, we were able to stay in a comfortable hotel, visit a museum, a water park, an Aerial Tramway up to the San Jacinto Mountains, and enjoy a couple of pretty decent restaurants.

What more does a 4 day summer vacation need?

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