On The Sun Wheel - Easter 2002

Change. I can handle change. I roll with the punches and am really easy-going. Actually, that's not true at all. I like things the way they are for the most part. And sometimes, even the most subtle and insignificant changes are the ones that seem to hit me the hardest. Like our most recent experience at 'Disney's California Adventure' this past Easter. Never was change so noticeable.

Easter 2001, we had one of the most enjoyable days in any Disney theme park - ever. DCA had just opened; the Park was still in that initial flush of newness, and that particular day we had broken a tradition of getting together with family. The day culminated with a relaxing lunch at The Vineyard Room sponsored by Robert Mondavi [You can take a look back at the full story here] Suffice it to say, it was a little bit of paradise.

Flash forward to Easter 2002 where we decided to return to DCA and have lunch at Avalon Cove.

Man, what a difference a year makes

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