Kayden Creations is the tattoo shop of Andy Brodsky. I happened to visit this shop almost 10 years ago to get my very first tattoo. Lucky me.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Andy and his partner in crime, Bok are two of the best artists in the industry.


John MacIntyre, who produced the tropical sleeve for me, and Dianne's peacock sleeve, is one of the best artists out there. He recently relocated to True Tattoo in Hollywood.

John is a fantastic collaborator and artist.

No website available as of right now

Located in the Haight Asbury section of San Francisco, we've had some good experiences here. Marie McCarthy runs the front desk in easily one of the friendliest shops we know. Joey has done some great work on Dianne, and Jennifer has done some cool stuff for me.



According to their front page, they are Celtic Tattoo and the artists who are good at them. Giant collection of Celtic art including Tattoo crosse, or crosse tattoo -- and the biggest book of Celtic tattoo flash in the world, with design artists like Shane Clark and Cherrie Button.


Brandon Notch is the owner and artist at Sacred Saint.
' Notch' -- as he's known -- has a distinctive style, a great website,
and a cool looking shop too.



Join the world's largest tattoo community.
Got ink? Get rated


As the site name implies, this is a great place to go for tattoo inspiration -- lots of photo rating and interactive features to help you find the perfect tattoo design.


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