Doobie and Rebekah Moseley [two super-nice people] have carved out a truly unique place that has great information about Disney theme parks, but has a kind heart too. One of the best.

The late Scott L. Jordan, a friend from my days at Walt Disney World, asked me to write a column for his site -- we called it ''2Adults-1Child' -- and did our first few stories on Thanks Scott! Today, they offer discount theme park tickets.

I know him only as 'Jason' -- he runs another neat Disney fan site with some great pictures, and was kind enough to answer some of my questions about designing and maintaining a website. Thank you Jason!


Jim Disney is the proprietor of -- a cool site devoted to thrillseeking coaster geeks everywhere. These guys are smug and unapologetic -- they also provide some of the funniest trip reports I've ever read.


Robb Alvey, his wife Elissa, and the rest of their crew who travel the world visiting theme parks and riding coasters -- well, they're are all nuts. But in a good way. I'm a long time lurker at their site and enjoy the photo and video updates of some of the obscure parks they visit.

Whatever on this guy. Chef Mayhem has put together two sites -- devoted to 'The Haunted Mansion,' and also 'Pirates of the Caribbean' -- they make my site look like pretty shapes and colors.


Utilidors Audio Broadcasting -- an interesting site to listen to various sounds of Disney attractions throughout the world.


Dave Provenza, or 'DisneyDave' is the Proprietor and Head ImaginEAR.





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