Travelling to Reno is a bit surreal

May 2002 - Who in his right mind travels to Reno, Nevada? Here in Los Angeles, when you live closer to the pumped up gambling mecca that is Las Vegas, why on earth would you choose to go to Reno? Frankly, you don't. Reno chooses you.

We started taking family car trips to Reno in 1969, solely because my grandparents moved to Reno in 1969. Gramps took a job with The Wooster Brush Company at their new manufacturing / distribution facility, and for a couple who had lived in Wooster, Ohio their entire married life [37 years at that point] Grandma and Grandpa genuinely came to enjoy Reno. It had a comfortable, small town feel, but with better weather. And anyway, it was work related.

Otherwise, who would choose to live in Reno?

Well, my sister Sue and her husband Ken did. They moved from Thousand Oaks, CA to Reno in 1994, and had two kids right there in Reno. But they actually lived in Sparks - the sister city of Reno. Which is somehow different. To the people of Sparks. Sparks is to Reno, what Henderson is to Las Vegas. What Roseville is to Rocklin. Yeah, I don't really get it either.

Trust me, it's Reno.

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