July 25, 2004 - Pasadena, CA

The Metro Gold Line is the newest leg of our growing mass transportation system here in Southern California. Opened about a year ago, the Gold Line begins in Pasadena and runs to downtown Los Angeles. With a 13 mile route, and 11 stops between Sierra Madre Blvd. and L.A.'s Union Station, the trains are clean, efficient, easy to navigate, and fun to ride.

The first few miles of the Gold Line travel right through the middle of the 210 Freeway. It's an odd feeling looking out the windows of the train and seeing cars roaring by on each side. It's a new perspective on something we see everyday. This hot summer day, the train got us out of the house, out of the car, and into the city to find some new surprises.

It was a fresh new look at parts of Pasadena we'd never seen before, including two museums we'd never even heard of.

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