It's the halfway point of Museum Madness 2002!

Here's a quick update.

1. Our schedule of museums was a bit aggressive. Our original intent was to visit a new museum every week. It was becoming downright stressful.

2. Putting together a website requires a heck of a lot of work. I have a new appreciation for sites that update as often as they do.

As a result, we have pushed out our original museum schedule into September.

3. Thank you to all who are reading and supporting our new venture. It sure is great to get emails from people who have found the information useful, touching or just enjoyable. We appreciate it.

On with the Madness!



7-21-02: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Los Angeles, CA: Big changes are in store for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art [LACMA]. According to the models and renderings a complete redesign plan would bring together 'the most inclusive collection in the western United States.'

I have no reason to doubt this claim - LACMA is huge!

Originally opened in 1965 in three buildings designed by William L. Pereira, LACMA has been added to in fits and starts over the years. The Robert O. Anderson building was added in 1986, and the Japanese pavilion in 1989. [Roll your mouse over the image above for details on the various architectural styles]

The result? The exteriors are certainly a bit chock-a-block. The original '60's architecture can still be seen in the open patio common area, the very large Anderson building facing Wilshire Blvd. [see above] is dramatic but seems to be attempting to hide the Pereira exterior, and the Japanese pavilion has an unintentionally whimsical 'Flintstones' flair, which made us think it was part of the near by La Brea Tar Pits.

In their defense, they've done a pretty admirable job of pasting all these buildings together.

So much for that thought. Just this year, renowned architect Rem Koolhaus won the bid to completely redefine the look and layout of LACMA. Instead of trying to tie more buildings together, Koolhaus has determined that it's best to just start over. He has come up with an incredibly cool looking design, and a concept that is attempting to turn the notion of 'visiting a museum' into something new, fresh and innovative.

With five different buildings [American, Asian, European, Latin, and modern and contemporary art], it sounds really exciting. And incredibly expensive. Some groups have been critical of the plan, stating that it's too much money to be spent on essentially just a new roof.

A beautifully designed roof. But a roof. The Los Angeles Times stated that the project could take 10 years and exceed $300 million.

.But that's the future. Years from now. Let us show you Los Angeles County Museum of Art as it is today.


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